The best and safest way to unblock your gutters.

Blocked or dirty guttering? You need the Shiners team to help you out! Thanks to the health and safety guys keeping us on our toes, we have invested in a top of the range Gutter Vac System, with inspection camera and monitor, so we can clean your gutters from the safety of the ground!

Defective guttering can be the source of many sorts of damp problems in the structure of a building.  If the guttering is not properly maintained the water can run down the outside wall or the dirt/debris can build up in the gutter; causing the gutter to clog up, eventually causing extensive damage to your property.

Our specially designed vacuum made by Spinaclean is called “ The SkyVac industrial” and has 3 powerful  motors and 9 elite carbon fibre poles, giving a reach of up to 45ft! The wet/dry vacuum cleaner will carefully clean out and survey all types of commercial and domestic gutters removing the build up of silt, moss, weeds and leaves all from the safety of the ground! Problem areas can be surveyed using our camera system ensuring that no blockage is left undetected. This is apparently the best gutter vac in the world and big companies like Heathrow airport will not touch any cleaning company unless they use this machine for its health and safety purposes!

We can offer you a one off clean of your gutters or annual maintenance to keep your property in tip top condition.

When your gutters get too full, collapsed drains and clogged pipes are NOT ideal!

When your gutters get too full, collapsed drains and clogged pipes are NOT ideal!

We have purchased a revolutionary new system for gutter cleaning and high-level indoor cleaning. The powerful vacuum unit combined with the lightweight poles allow efficient cleaning up to  3 storeys high from ground level.

The carbon fibre composite poles we use are light and extremely strong allowing us to reach the most difficult of locations. Up to 25% lighter than equivalent aluminium pole sections, our poles allow for greater manoeuvrability and mean less muscle fatigue.
The cleaning head itself has a variety of different attachments to suit different conditions and environments, and at the heart of the gutter cleaning system are 3 x 1200 motors, giving a combined and very powerful 3600 watts!

A triple stage industrial vacuum that is versatile enough to access any area and powerful enough to lift the heaviest of deposits.

The cleaning head can also incorporate a wireless camera that transmits to an LCD monitor that the operator uses to ensure that all areas are cleaned. 

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